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god bless the united states

god bless the united states

our founding Fathers put on the path to freedom

our founding Fathers put on the path to freedom

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freedom isn't free it comes at a cost

freedom isn't free it comes at a cost

US Head Of State Joe Biden has been banged for informing the same fib regarding new election legislation several times, also after his cases were exposed.
When it comes to political party affiliation, it appears as though we have more folks seeking an alternative to Trump not so much for his “identifying” as a republican but more about what his public persona is or appears to be.We have (Read more)
So which one could it be, conditioned or brainwashed? I have to go with being conditioned for myself first then being brainwashed secondly.
Mississippi has asked the Supreme Court to throw out Roe v Wade this week. If the Supreme court overturns Roe v Wade it wouldn’t be nationwide the states would take it over. (Read more)
I got to thinking about our nation is divided on so many issues; one topic, in particular, being Immigration. This issue is multi-faceted, complex, and not quite as simple as people like to put it. Like many people in ,(Readmore)
From my perspective, the American people have never been this divided. So let me get this right if you make clips that hold more than 5 shots will cut down on gun violence?? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard about gun violence (Read more)
Wir müssen Ihre Dokumente sehen! Papers Please! That's where we are headed, as even alleged "conservatives," like Max boot come out in favor of vaccine passports . (Article Re-posted with Expressed Consent from AFNN)
Is the media giving Joe Biden a pass? At a glance and when you take notice, it sure looks that way. After all, the media did a full-blown siege on President Trump allegedly owing over 400 million dollars to some entity. The media jumped all over (Read More)
For the first time, I am seeing things from another perspective. I’m seeing things with my eyes wide open. I really thought the election between then-President Trump and President Biden was fair and secure. (Read more)
Our Leaders: How Can We Trust Them? “Can you believe that?” “What country is this?" “Are those people deranged?” After months of these questions being posed, I’ve stopped asking and instead simply stating, “We are governed by idiots! (Article Re-posted with Expressed Consent from AFNN)


Many of us have passionate views when it comes to politics, the economy, social security, unemployment, crime,(Read more)
Where to begin. There is just so much to say about so many things that I have difficulty choosing a starting point, so to speak. It is as if there are actual blocks of writing in my mind that is stuck there trying to get out (Read more) Part 1
Whenever I think about writing a series, my process is to make each piece fit accordingly so they all; no matter how many parts, are seamless extensions of the first article. I hope that you are able to view them in the same way. This (Read more) Part II
According to the Census Bureau, our official poverty line hasn’t kept up with economic change — the lowest it’s been since 2001. Nor has it been modified to consider widely held views among Americans about what counts as (Read more)
In this the final installment of health and care when shall the two meet – I want to be crystal clear – unrelenting in my delivery as to the significance of watching out for signs that your loved one is not being properly cared for.(Read more) Part 3
Whenever the Presidential election comes, the false promises start—so many broken promises. The most popular promise is addressing mental health.(Readmore)

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There are certain words in the English language that bring about more than just a flurry of emotion and instead evoke a hailstorm of conflict, anger, and question the perceived ideological foundation of right and wrong. Notice we typically (Read more)
I had to wait until the “day after” the noise of January 6th; partly because I was just not focused enough to write but also because I simply refused to watch the absolutely pitiful display of behavior yesterday on the capital. Now before any of you democrats,(Read more)
Well, here it is January 2nd and for the first time in a long time, I did not write a sort of ode to the previous year and an introduction of the “new and improved” me to come. I do not make resolutions (Read more)
You know the expression; “Oh I cannot deal with that person – they have to much baggage”. It is a common saying whether it is regarding a personal or intimate relationship, a co-worker or a new acquaintance. (Read more)

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If you’re interested in writing an article for us please contact us.