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Our Nation Stands is a place not just for Conservative Americans to express their political thoughts but also for Democrats to express their thoughts. Keep in mind that we are all about the truth. We do not and will not deal in conspiracy theories as we deal in facts and not spun facts to suit conspiracy theorists. As such, we will give our Citizen Writers wide latitude in their ability to express those thoughts on our platform. we will also invite Democrats who are tired of a divided Nation and wish to come together with Republicans and heal this great Nation of ours. However, our grant of such freedom, in no shape, fashion, manner, or form, states or implies our agreement with the opinions expressed by our Citizen Writers.

However, Our Nation Stands wishes to operate a platform free from racist attacks, unnecessarily coarse language, pornography of any kind, and of course, any direct threats of violence. Our readers are encouraged to report such conduct in the article’s comments section. If our moderation team does not promptly deal with the said offense, please refer it to the Managing Editor. See our Contact Us Page.

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