The Politic Machine Is Churning

The Politic Machine Is Churning

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In the past, politics has been a dangerous force to watch. Well, it is coming to the light now and is taking center stage. Politics has driven everything that our representatives have done, form the basis for which they made decisions, to who has benefitted and who has not benefited from those decisions.

This political machinery is powerful, yet tucked away under shadowy layers of bureaucracy, until recently, when Democrats finally came out front as members, and Republicans followed closely, actively engaging in a variety of actions some good and some bad for U.S. citizens, like making it easier to vote, which may be beneficial for them, though some still see it as difficult, no matter whether more hurdles are placed than they used to!.

I think politics has often been seen as something that has to do with filthiness because of its connection with money since many people assume that these individuals seeking office would instead solely care about getting more control of things. In turn, that means that the publics’ general perceptions about any individual hoping for a kind of career within the government are usually going to be pretty jaded compared to earlier, when all they knew of most leaders ended up being that he or she wanted something, rather than actually doing something that was going to make their country a better place for everybody.

Walter Russell Meade has put forth an interesting set of definitions of the American political landscape, at least in terms of the foreign policy arena. Rather than using a traditional left/right, Democratic/Republican template, he is working through four schools of thought in American foreign policy, named for influential American statesmen who embody the principles of these schools.

I was a Democrat all my life. But as I started doing research, it became apparent the Democratic Party was only in this for votes and power.

They want a bigger government so that they can out-poll every benefit that is given by our nation (like food stamps). Ultimately, that leads us down the miserable road to socialism, where we neglect the very people that need help most — the ones that have nobody to back them up, either financially or emotionally, because their families have been lost to those economic decisions made over history. If we can find a way to just deal with the needs of those groups, those that are poor and old, as well as veterans, will be able to take advantage. I think the Republican Party has better plans to address that than the Democrats.

As much as members of the parties disagree about everything, it is also true that neither party has total buy-in from all members — which is more common among Democrats than Republicans. That said, my own political views tend to lean towards Republican ideals, in a way similar to how Lincoln himself believed what he stood for; that the values of capitalism are driving our economy toward prosperity, so others can follow in the same path of wealth, not having to work too much, or for too long, doing anything productive in the first place, all the while getting by with health benefits included, all at no cost. When is that machine going to be brought under control?.

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans


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