Democrats Are Fixated on Robert Crimo

Democrats Are Fixated on Robert Crimo

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The families of the slain in yesterday’s fourth of July parade haven’t even been given time to mourn for their loved ones and friends. The Democrats and their left-wing Media outlets are already trying to link Robert Crimo, the man accused of shooting and killing 6 and wounding dozens more is now being shown as a Trump supporter going crazy. We all know the Democrat’s playbook; they are now going to cry for even more gun control laws. There are so many gun laws already on the books which will not change the fact that America has a person with a gun problem. Guns are not the problem, people are. This is what I wake up to this morning:

Robert Bobby Crimo, the man charged with killing six and wounding at least 38 others in the mass shooting in Illinois, posted videos and images online that included former President Donald Trump, and attended the rally dressed as the characters in the children’s book Where is Waldo. 

Robert Crimo III, a suspect in the July 4 massacre in Highland Park, has been making jokes about school shootings online, even drawing a sketch showing Robert Crimo III being shot by police, with his gun at his side. While most of Crimo’s social media posts were taken down just hours after being named as the person of interest in the mass shooting at a Highland Park parade, archived versions reveal that his art productions included images of gun violence that suggested he would commit school shootings.

Crimo was taken into custody Monday evening following a traffic stop after police had identified him and the Honda Fit they say the person of interest was driving. However, even before the long-time local resident was in custody, social media searches linked Crimo to accounts showing him as an amateur musician known as “Awake The Rapper.” Crimo also previously attended nearby rallies in Highland Park and in other North Shore towns supporting former President Donald Trump in 2020.   “

This is exactly what the Democrats are searching for, to begin with, their mainstream media to paint a picture of a Trump supporter gone crazy. Remember we are all ‘deplorable’s’. It’s apparent that this young man may need professional help. do I think the wheels of justice should turn, Absolutely? Are Democrats going to use this in their efforts for more gun control, ‘Absolutely’? Democrats are more worried about keeping power and maybe taking the Senate in the mid-term elections.

They will start pushing Robert Crimo is a Trump supporter. This is just another playbook move by the left. As long as they can keep attention away from themselves they feel they are good to go. This is the type of stuff we will be hearing about for quite a while ahead of the mid-term elections.

In one video, uploaded onto YouTube on January 2, 2021, Crimo is with a crowd of Trump supporters waiting for the presidential motorcade outside an airport. As the vehicles drive by, Crimo flips his phone and shows his face, which has distinctive tattoos.

Crimo also posted a photo on Twitter showing him draped in a Trump flag on June 27, 2021, along with the caption “Spam.” The suspect was photographed at a Trump rally in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook in September 2020 dressed as the character from the Where’s Waldo series of books. Another image, believed to be taken at the same rally, also emerged showing Crimo dressed in a Waldo costume taking a selfie.     “

How can we fight against this? We speak with one voice at the polls. Republicans need to get out and vote in the mid-term elections. This is the only way we can stop a full take over by the Democrats and the Biden administration. 

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans


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