Our Veterans Going Over and Beyond

Our Veterans Going Over and Beyond

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The war in Ukraine (illegal Invasion by Putin) is getting seriously bloody. The Ukrainians have shown Americans their determination to fight against an army (Russians) that should have been able to just run them over. They are not afraid to stand for what they believe in and for their freedom. Our Veterans have been shown all they need to see to offer their help in training the Ukrainian forces against Russian forces.

The war in Ukraine has attracted American war veterans and Western legions in numbers not seen on any other foreign battlefield in recent memory. U.S. military veterans who stepped off the couch to assist in this war have cited Ukrainian determination and the conflict’s moral clarity. They offer their training abilities freely. We Americans know freedom isn’t free it comes with a cost (blood).

At least 21 Americans have been wounded fighting since the war began, according to the group of volunteers evacuating them. At least 21 people have been injured in fighting since the start of the war, according to a group of volunteers who evacuated them. Others have volunteered as part of casualty evacuation teams, diggers, logistics, and trainers.

There are Americans who worry this could be the start of another Vietnam situation. It’s true the war in Ukraine does resemble how we got involved in the Vietnam conflict. The Vietnam war was a war we never want to get started again, but if it does happen we are better equipt to handle anything, including a nuclear war. Nevertheless, it does have all the resemblances to Vietnam.

Democracy came under attack. The United States saw a threat to an ally and also to the entire world order, but it feared that sending troops could spark a nuclear war. So, instead, it supplied weapons. And a small number of American Special Operations trainers started quietly working with the local military.

That was the situation in South Vietnam in 1961, a few years before full-blown U.S. military involvement when the American presence was limited to a military “advisory group.”

It is also the situation in Ukraine today. As a bloody conflict churns on, small teams of American Special Operations veterans are training Ukrainian soldiers near the front lines and, in some cases, helping to plan combat missions.

There is a notable difference, though. In Vietnam, the trainers were active-duty troops under the control of the Pentagon. In Ukraine, where the United States has avoided sending any troops, the trainers are civilian volunteers, supported by online donations and operating entirely on their own.

“This is why I became a Green Beret,” said Perry Blackburn Jr., a retired Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel who spent 34 years in uniform in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Somalia, and Jordan. He is now in Ukraine as a civilian doing what he once did in the military: training local forces to fight a common enemy.   “msn.com

The United States and its NATO allies are getting ready for anything Putin can muster. The show of force is the only thing stopping Putin from using small tactical nuclear bombs against the Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin does NOT want a nuclear war or anything that would even come close to a war with us. Russia would be no more. He has already shown his military isn’t a decent fighting force at all.

Let’s not forget about the two Americans captured and could face execution for being in the war against Russian forces, Andy Huynhs, and Andy Thai Ngoc Huynh. If They are sentenced to death and executed that would be a very serious mistake on Putin’s side of the war. 

Local media in Andy Huynhs native Alabama reported he is a Marine vet who left for Ukraine in April after seeing images of Ukrainian teens fighting Russian troops. Andy Thai Ngoc Huynh volunteered to fight in Ukraine’s military against Russia, said, Representative Robert Aderholt.

His mother said he was not in Ukraine to fight, but was there in a more advisory capacity, as a civilian who had some military training, so she did not know why Alex Drueke was included in the mission. The possibility of Alex Drueke being held by Russia concerned his mother, she said, but she knew Ukraine and the US government were both actively searching for the couple. 

Will this war in Ukraine get American involvement? Only time itself will reveal that. The Ukrainians are a force to be dealt with and now that they have American and NATO weapons their chances have improved, but still, will the United States get involved if we see that Ukraine can no longer do this alone on the ground or in the sky? This is Vladimir Putin’s greatest fears.

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans

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