Senate Democrats are edging closer to a deal with Manchin to resurrect Biden’s economic agenda. They’ll face Sinema next.

Senate Democrats are edging closer to a deal with Manchin to resurrect Biden’s economic agenda. They’ll face Sinema next.

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The passage of a relief bill through Congress has tested the dealmaking skills of Democrats, thanks to a narrow House majority of 10 votes, and a narrow Senate majority. The deal’s creation highlights the balancing act that Democrats are facing in trying to cram the sweeping relief measures through an evenly divided, 50-50 Senate. Senate Democrats did it as the Senate parliamentarian said chamber rules will not allow a bump to the bill, and as Sen. Joe Manchin, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, said they will oppose its inclusion, sealing its fate.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, arguably the chamber’s most conservative Democrat, had supported the reduction of eligibility limits for welfare checks and opposed raising minimum wages in the House bill. The West Virginia Democrat said that including a cut to prescription drug costs in a package that requires the support of all 50 Senate Democrats would be wise. The West Virginia Democrat, for example, supports raising the corporate tax rate, but another Democratic holdout, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, has been vocal about opposing raising it.

Back on April 26, 2022, The West Virginia Democrat said he is open to using the fast-track budget process to bypass Republicans and ram corporate and individual tax increases through the Senate given that the GOP wants to “keep things the way they are” in the tax code. Manchin said that it would make sense to include cuts to prescription drug costs in the package, which would need the support of all 50 Senate Democrats.

“We talked about the tax code and doing something to combat inflation. He is just as concerned about inflation as I am,” Manchin said leaving Schumer’s office.   “

The Arizona Democrat has said little publicly about renewing President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda on the environment and taxes. Senate Democrats are closing in on an agreement with Sen. Joe Manchin, R-West Virginia, to resurrect parts of President Joe Bidens flagging economic agenda, previously known as Rebuild Better. The West Virginia Democrat and Schumer met as the Senate returned to Washington after a two-week break, with lawmakers hoping to move ahead with President Joe Bidens faltering domestic agenda by late May.

I knew sooner or later Manchin would cave to the Democrats. Question is, will they be able to convince Senator Sinema to go along with them. She is definitely against raising taxes on small businesses and the American people.

Senate Democrats are inching closer to a deal with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia to resurrect swaths of President Joe Biden’s stalled economic agenda once known as Build Back Better. That has positioned the party to advance over GOP opposition to a measure that would slash prescription drug prices, one of their chief priorities stretching back years.

However, if Democrats led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have any hope of securing other initiatives like an extension of enhanced Affordable Care Act subsidies, their attention must soon shift to another centrist with outsized influence over the party’s agenda: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

“Her position is, now is not the time to raise taxes in any way that would harm small business owners or individuals who are not super-rich,” John Labombard, Sinema’s former communications director, told Insider. “Senator Sinema is not somebody to announce as a position without thinking it through or has one position one day and a different position the next.”   “

The Democrats are seeking political wins at all costs. They need to be able to show that Biden is getting at least part of his agenda through Congress. As it stands Biden has nothing to show for his agenda except, inflation. He blames Russia for our inflation, but the strange thing is, that Vladimir Putin doesn’t run our Country Biden does.

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans

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