Putin’s Elite Soldiers Getting Wiped Out

Putin’s Elite Soldiers Getting Wiped Out

Image By Kremlin.ru – Vladimir Putin

Not only is Vladimir Putin running into trouble with his illegal invasion of Ukraine, but he is also losing his elite Soldiers due to his mistakes. I say his mistakes because we saw what his Generals in the field were capable of, wait for it… Failure.

This war Putin started was doomed from the beginning. Mistake after Mistake Russian Generals not only made bad calls, they made the calls demanded by Putin. I don’t think his generals were ever in control of the battlefield. Not at all am I saying that the Russians didn’t cause havoc.

From not being in control of the regular foot soldiers war crimes are being carried out, rape, torture, and murdering civilians. There are more war crimes than listed here being carried out as I write this article. Now, his elite soldiers are getting wiped out.

The 45,000-strong VDV, which mostly consists of professional contract soldiers who have elite status, are assigned to the most demanding operations. However, they have been used on missions better suited to heavier armored infantry and have sustained heavy casualties during the campaign.

British defense officials said that this “mixed performance” was a reflection of “a strategic mismanagement of this capability and Russia’s failure to secure air superiority.”The misemployment of the VDV” shows the extent to which “Putin’s significant investment in the armed forces over the last 15 years has resulted in an unbalanced overall force.”

The U.K. Ministry of Defence concluded that Russia’s failure to anticipate Ukrainian resistance “and the subsequent complacency of Russian commanders” have caused “significant losses” across Russia’s more elite units.   “msn.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin has badly misjudged the US, EU, and a host of countries — including Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea — that were all capable of collective action prior to the war, and that are now all set to see Russia lose in Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Moscow has launched an all-out assault on his nation, with rocket attacks targeting our military infrastructure and border security personnel in multiple cities. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said that he was breaking diplomatic relations with the Russians, and called upon the Russians who had not lost their honor to protest against the actions of their government. 

Zelenskyy spoke on televised 24 February, immediately after Russian missiles hit the airbases and military infrastructure of at least 25 cities, following an order by President of Russia Vladimir Putin for a special operation to demilitarize his country. 

The attack in Ukraine from the Russians hasn’t stopped yet. Zeleskyy and his military (Along with volunteers) are not just holding off the Russians, they are conducting offensive attacks against Russia with western weapons along with NATI weapons. Doesn’t look like it will come to an early end.

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans

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