Sweden Shoots Down Turkey’s Objections to Nato Application

Sweden Shoots Down Turkey’s Objections to Nato Application

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Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan kind of reminds me of Senator Manchin. Manchun had an agreement With Biden he would vote yes for the Build Back Better plan. Now don’t get me wrong I’m glad he did what he did, but hey, once you break your word, to me, you have lost it all.

Manchin doing what he did is a personal vendetta against Joe Biden. He is what I would call a turncoat “Meaning” No matter what the weather is raining, that coat can turn outside in.

The only possible explanation for Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan to me after he already said he didn’t have a problem with Sweeden or Finland joining NATO, then, when they announce they will be joining NATO, President Tayyip Erdogan now says he has objections. I’m willing to bet he isn’t doing this as a personal vendetta, but doing this because he wants something in return for his yes vote.

Sweden joined Finland in the decision to seek entry to the NATO military alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with President Vladimir Putin saying that Moscow would “surely respond” to an expected expansion of the alliance into two Nordic countries. In Moscow, President Vladimir Putin said on May 16 that although Moscow does not consider Finland and Sweden’s decisions to join the NATO military alliance as a threat, the deployment of military infrastructure there could prompt Moscow’s reaction. 

Turkey’s president complicated the historic NATO membership push by the Swedish and Finnish governments on Monday, saying he could not let them join the alliance due to their perceived lack of action against Kurdish exile fighters. Turkey surprised its NATO allies when it said it will not look favorably upon the applications from the Finnish and Swedish governments

Diplomats said Erdogan will come under pressure to budge because Finland and Sweden will significantly boost NATO’s presence in the Baltics. NATO and the U.S. said they were sure that Turkey would not resist joining with Finland and Sweden.

Swedish prime minister Magdalena Andersson said Sweden’s government would be making it clear it does not want nuclear weapons on its soil, nor a permanent base in NATO. Conditions similar to those insisted upon by neighboring Norway and Denmark in forming Nato following the Second World War.

Her remarks came as Sweden’s Parliamentary Security Review said joining would lower the risk of conflict in Northern Europe, and one day after neighboring Finland said it was seeking membership in the alliance.

Sweden and Finland Tuesday continued to press their push for joining Nato, although Turkey has insisted it would not allow the formerly unaligned Nordic countries to join the alliance due to their alleged support of Kurdish militants. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Sunday Sweden and Finland will be allowed into NATO, despite Turkish concerns.

“We have a very strong anti-terrorist agenda,” Swedish Ambassador to the United States Karin Olofsodtter said Monday during a Center for European Policy Analysis event. “And a lot of their accusations, or most of the accusations[that are coming out in detail from Ankara, are simply not true.”

Erdogan stunned Nordic officials and others in the West by denouncing Sweden and Finland as terrorist safe-havens just as NATO’s top diplomats descended on Berlin for a meeting focused in no small part on a plan to fast-track the approval of their applications to join the trans-Atlantic alliance.

The root of his objections trace to long-standing disputes over how the U.S.-led coalition to dismantle the Islamic State group involved a partnership with Syrian Kurds, who bore the brunt of the fighting despite Erdogan’s fulminations that those Kurdish militias are entwined with militant separatists that have fought for decades against the Turkish central government.   “msn.com

God Bless the United States, God Bless the Veterans
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