Turkey Poised To Deliver A Massive Win To Putin On Nato Expansion

Turkey Poised To Deliver A Massive Win To Putin On Nato Expansion

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Nato condemned Moscow’s reckless and unprovoked attacks against Ukraine, warning Vladimir Putin had chosen a course of aggression against the sovereign and independent state, which would risk the lives of untold numbers of civilians.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has used fears of Ukraine’s accession to NATO as one of his justifications for Russia’s incursion into his neighbor at the end of February.

President Vladimir Putin’s repeated references to the eastern expansion of NATO which he has described as a threat to Russian security are among his main reasons for starting a war against Ukraine. 

President Vladimir Putin has framed the incursion into Russia’s neighbor as a fight to defend Russian speakers there from Nazi persecution and to defend against what he calls a US threat to Russia from NATO enlargement.

President Vladimir Putin’s stated aim in the Ukraine War, stopping NATO’s expansion, has been overturned by the Swedish and Finnish applications to join, and has conversely led to NATO strengthening its military infrastructure throughout eastern Europe, pushing formerly neutral countries toward taking a harder line toward Moscow.

Senior Russian officials are lashing out at Finland’s decision to apply for NATO alliance membership it comes in direct response to President Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine. Leaders of both Sweden and Finland are expected to announce their positions this week on joining NATO, as Ukraine’s war continues to take unintended consequences for Russia, possibly pushing its neighbors to the transatlantic alliance.

If Turkey opposes the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO, as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan indicated Friday he would do, his country would deliver a massive win to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, Finland expressed its intention to rapidly apply for NATO membership, and Sweden is expected to decide soon whether it will do the same. Erdoğan told reporters in Istanbul Friday that he has been following those developments but added that “we don’t hold positive views” on them, according to Reuters.

Turkey is one of NATO’s 30 member states, and every member has to back the admission of a new member for an application to be approved. Erdoğan’s opposition to Finland and Sweden entering the military alliance would therefore derail any attempts by the two Nordic countries to join.

That would be a major victory for Russia’s president, who has strongly objected to NATO expansion and this week vowed to take “retaliatory steps” after Finland’s leadership announced plans to apply.   “msn.com

With Turkey threatening to object to Sweden and Finland joining NATO let’s not forget what turkey did when former President Trump stopped protecting the Kurds. They went on a killing spree. Yet they were never punished by NATO for it, and now they object to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. If Turkey were removed from NATO turkey would face its enemies all alone.

As expected, President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops away from the SyriaTurkey border, effectively endorsing a Turkish assault on the U.S.-allied Kurds occupying northern Syria, has been a disaster.

Trump made the call last Sunday after a phone call with Turkish President Recep Erdoğan, and without consulting the Pentagon or Congress. Less than a week later, Trump ordered the removal of all U.S. troops from the region, further endangering the Kurdish people, strengthening ISIS, and ceding influence to some of America’s chief adversaries. In return, the U.S. has, to date, received nothing.

I know I will catch a little flack on this article, but don’t shoot the messenger. Facts are very important.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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